A Telecom and Technology company, headquartered in the USA and with subsidiaries in Brazil. We are the investment and R&D arms of successful enterprises in South America. With decades of experience in the complex, challenging but exciting Brazilian emerging market, LeadingQuest is a safe avenue for investors and technology companies to successfully pursue international opportunities.

  At our Brazilian subsidiary Parlacom, our Cloud-based M2M Platform is a carrier ready, proven system, running in state-of-the-art data centers. With dedicated VPN connectivity (L2TP, GRE, IPSec) to the largest mobile carriers, we serve thousands of customers and over 200k simcards, from large retailers to small companies providing GPS tracking services, sales automation, security systems, payment gateways and many other services. Additionally, we manage each individual SIM card, control and protect the data traffic using 3G, 4G, GPRS communication and Corporate Intranets.

  Datelo is a leading provider of telecom services for small businesses. Our MVNO applications, supported by our IP PBX and Call Center Platform, provide seamless integration of advanced voice and data services for the modern enterprise. Our flagship product is "My Office On A Phone" ©. We transform your smartphone and single line into a complete and advanced virtual office .

If your are thinking of investing or entering the Brazilian market, we have the right solutions and partnership for your business. You do not need to venture into an unknown market alone. Contact us for an informal consultation.

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